Instructions on how to Request for Return from Absence Without Leave (AWOL)

1. Download Forms 

a. Return from Absence Without Leave (AWOL) Form

b. OUR Form 3 (Student Directory)

c. Program of Study (POS)

d. College Admission Slip

e. Medical certificate from the UP Diliman Health Service (click PEHA-2023 Guide.pdf ( to view the detailed instructions) 

f. Proof of payment awolpaypro.pdf (


2. Fill-out the necessary forms.


3. Go to Online Document Processing (ODP) portal


4. Log-in your credentials


5. Choose “Online Document Processing”.


6. Click “Create” Tab located on the left side of the page. Choose which document you want to create and process in the document list. 


7. After choosing a document, fill all the required input fields and attach the supporting


8. Next, click the “Submit” button to process your document.


9. Finally, wait for your document to be processed.


Please note that INCOMPLETE requirements will NOT be processed.

For more inquiries please contact/email us at Office of the Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress and Advancement (OADMAPA)


  • Graduate Office: 09466795326
  • ASTHRDP: +63 953 006 6659
  • Telephone Number: 8981-8500 local 3803
  • Email: 
    • Graduate Office:
    • Admin Staff:
    • ASTHRDP Staff: