CS Library FAQs

We’re back for new updates and announcements for this 2021. And we’ve got answers to your frequently-asked questions for this academic year 2021-2022.
Reach out to us through our website at www.cslib.upd.edu.ph or email us at cslib@science.upd.edu.ph send us a message at our FB pages…for more questions and inquiries.

Visit our Youtube channel https://youtu.be/3JOD02NcoRE for more informative videos.

Online Orientation Teaser 2021

We are a year and a half into this pandemic. We all have stories to tell and experiences to share.

Like you, we had feelings of uncertainties and fear. But we moved on, and transformed the negative emotions into positive actions; thus the creation of our new online services. No challenge is too big in our persistence to change and adapt to this new normal.

Despite the challenges and difficulties, we want you to celebrate life and your successes. Your College of Science libraries are here for you; and we will continue to improve our ways to meet your academic needs.


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