The Family of Dr. Alfonso A. Aliga and Flordelis Asis Aliga Scholarship Grant


1. Must be a Filipino Citizen.
2. Regular student at the University and minimum Second Year standing.
3. Currently enrolled in the BS Biology program.
4. Must have earned minimum cumulative weighted average grade “2.75” in all courses.
5. Enrolled and passed in at least Fifteen (15) credit units per semester.
6. Must not have received any final grade lower than “3.00” or have an existing grade of “INC”.
7. Parents / Guardian’s combined annual gross income is not more than Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (P 300,000.00).
8. Must have not been held liable in any disciplinary action.
9. Must have been of good moral character and must not has been convicted on any crime.



1. Stipend: P 5,000 / month
2. Miscellaneous Expenses (Book Allowance): P 5,000 / Sem

Deadline: September 30, 2023

Please submit the following requirements:

1. Accomplished Scholarship Form
2. ITR (Latest)
3. TCG
4. Form 5
5. GMC
6. OSE Clearance