Coastal areas around the Philippines are home to diverse fish and invertebrate species. However, the compounded impacts of climate change

There are two things we want to answer in our research. First, we want to know what eukaryotic organisms are present in the waters of our major ports in the country.

Not all parasites are the same. Some can simply attach to their hosts from the outside while some can discreetly grow inside their hosts, completely invisible to

This research effort is based on the premise that marine mammals are sentinels that can indicate the conditions of their habitats. Because they are sentinels

We investigate the wave attenuation by mangroves using modified 2D Nonlinear Shallow Water Equations.

As humans, we want to know our roots and where we came from. Because this explains to us certain things like why we look this way

The Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Program (BCMP) is a long-standing partnership between UPIB’s Biodiversity Research