Appeal for late payment/enrollment/registration

1. Download Revised Form 3.1 and 3.2  (Forms & Documents tab at

2. Go to Online Document Processing (ODP) portal

3. Log-in your credentials

4. Choose “Online Document Processing”.

5. Click “Create” Tab located on the left side of the page. Choose which document you want to create and process in the document list. 

6. After choosing a document, fill all the required input fields and attach the supporting documents.

7. Next, click the “Submit” button to process your document.

8. Finally, wait for your document to be processed.

For College of Science -Online Document Processing Portal account please visit CS | Online Access Portal ( and choose “Account Request” as your inquiry type and provide us the following details:

Personal UP email address. (*

Full Name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Suffix)


Student Number

Degree Program

Program Adviser

For more inquiries please contact/email us at Office of the Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress and Advancement (OADMAPA)


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