DZUP “Sciencia na kayo!” Episodes

as of 2020

January 10, 2020Top Science News 2019
January 17, 2020Save the Environment: Climate Change, Pollution, Inorganic BiogeochemistryDr. Irene B. Rodriguez
Professor, UP Marine Science Institute
January 24, 2020Battery, Super Capacitors, Energy Storage Devices, Ionic Liquids and Polymer NanofibersDr. Susan D. Arco
Professor, UP Institute of Chemistry

Jonathan Patricio
Research Assistant, UP Institute of Chemistry
January 31, 2020Endocrine disruptors and cell proliferation and importance of providing support to RAs and admins for the betterment of researchDr. Michael C. Velarde
Professor, UP Institute of Biology
February 7, 2020Updates on Taal Volcano EruptionDr. Mario Aurelio
Director, UP National Institute of Geological Sciences
February 14, 2020Sexual SelectionDr. Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla
Director, UP Institute of Biology
February 21, 2020Low-cost Fourier ghost imaging using a light-dependent resistor / A paraxial cloak with four lenses of different focal lengths / Is a single layer graphene a slab or a perfect sheet?Dr. Nathaniel P. Hermosa II
Associate Professor, UP National Institute of Physics
February 28, 2020The role/s of hard and soft corals on the reefDr. Maria Vanessa Baria-Rodriguez
Assistant Professor, UP Marine Science Institute
March 06, 2020Nanomaterials as sensors / challenges of women in science / traffic, pollutionDr. Marienette M. Vega
Associate Professor, UP Materials Science and Engineering Program