Downloadable Forms & Document Requests

Graduate Students

Form 1.1 Application form for admission to a graduate program

Download : PDF File Word File

Form 1.2 Recommendation form in support of application form

Download : PDF File Word File

Form 3.1 Request for late registration matriculation enrollment payment dropping loa

Form 3.2 Certificate of Attendance

Form 3.8 Request to Enroll because below average (GWA)

Form 3.10 Request for MRR Extension CS Level

Form 3.11 Request for MRR Extension CSAPG Level

Form 6.1 Application for graduation

Form 6.2 Request for late application for graduation

Form 6.3 Permit for Completion

College Admission Slip

Diploma Claiming Request Form

OUR Form 3 (Student Directory)

Program of Study

Return from absence without leave (AWOL)

Request to Cross-Enroll(to other U.P. Unit)

Return from Leave of Absence (LOA)

Request for True Copy of Grades (TCG Online Application) – Graduate Students


For more inquiries please contact/email us at

Office of the Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress and Advancement (OADMAPA)
Graduate Office 09466795326
 ASTHRDP 09754569820

Telephone Number: 8981-8500 local 3803