Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program

Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program

The Department of Science and Technology—Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) announces the availability of scholarships for qualified males and females to pursue Master’s and Doctoral programs in priority S&T areas through the implementation of the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP).


  1. To help improve the country’s global competitiveness and capability to innovate through Science and Technology (S&T).
  2. To accelerate the production of high-level human resources needed for Research & Development (R&D) in S&T.

Types of Scholarship:

  1. MS/PhD Program
  2. Straight PhD Program


  • DOST-ASTHRDP Application Period
    • July 15, 2022: Deadline of ASTHRDP Application Submission
      • Use this link for Graduate Scholarship application

Important Dates (1st Semester):

  • Registration Period
    • September 20, 2021 (Monday): Last day of Registration for First Semester
    • September 30, 2021 (Thursday): Last day of Payment for First Semester
  • Start of Classes:
    • September 17, 2021: First Semester AY 2021-2022 First Day
  • Last Day of Enlistment Withdrawal:
    • September 17, 2021: Withdrawal for students who will not pursue registration on First Semester 2021-2022.
  • Change of Matriculation:
    • September 25, 2021: Deadline for Change of Matriculation.
  • Graduation Application
    • October 1 2021 (5:00 P.M.): Deadline for submission of application for Graduation.



DOST Application Period (1ST Semester)

  • July 15, 2022: Deadline of ASTHRDP Application Submission
    • Use this link for Graduate Scholarship application
  • Important details:
    • Make sure that you apply also to the respective UPD Graduate Programs. All the hard copies of your requirements must be submitted after the evaluation of the Institute/Unit, to process immediately to DOST-Science Education Institute (SEI).
    • For us to evaluate your application, we are requiring to submit the following:
      2. TOR / TCG
    • Your Application CANNOT proceed if you did not comply the following above.

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Criteria for Eligibility

An applicant must:
  1. be a Filipino citizen;
  2. not be more than 50 years old at the time of application;
  3. be in good health condition;
  4. pass the admission requirements for graduate studies at any of the NSC member-universities and;
  5. pass the interview and other screening procedures.

Priority areas for Thesis/Dissertation

Scholars are encouraged to choose topics for their thesis/dissertation along the following areas:
  1. Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness
  2. Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  3. Natural Products and Drug Development

Scholarship Privileges

  • 1 4-year Straight-PhD Program: MS stipend rate during 1st year.
  • 2 One (1) actual economy class round trip fare per Academic Year; given only to those who study outside their home province.
  • 3 Must be applied by the scholar, subject to evaluation and approval. Grant approved is subject to liquidation.


  • The stipends in the remaining months of scholarship period shall be given to a scholar who completes his/her degree earlier than the prescribed period of his/her study.

Terms of Scholarship

  1. The scholarship award shall be for full-time graduate studies to ensure on time completion of a MS/PhD degree in any of the DOST identified priority fields.
  2. The scholar must not be employed or practicing his/her profession while on scholarship; he/she must secure approval for official leave of absence, if employed.
  3. The awardee shall execute a Scholarship Agreement with DOST-SEI.
  4. The academic performance of the scholar shall be evaluated every school term based on established policies to determine his/her scholarship status.
  5. The scholar shall be required to render service obligation in the Philippines after he/she finishes the MS/PhD degree, i.e. one year service for every year of scholarship.
  6. The scholar shall be required to refund the scholarship grant with interest for non-completion of his/her graduate program or failure to comply with the service obligation.

Scholarship Application & Requirements

  1. Accomplished ASTHRDP-NSC Information Sheet / Application Form which can be downloaded at or thru the websites of the NSC member- universities;
  2. Birth Certificate (Photocopy);
  3. Certified True Copy of the Official Transcript of Records;
  4. Endorsement from:


    Two former professors in college


    Two former professors in the Master’s program

  5. If employed, recommendation from head of agency and permission from head of agency to take a leave of absence while on scholarship or proof of resignation or termination of contract;
  6. Medical Certificate stating that applicant is of good health condition and fit to study from a licensed physician with his/her PRC license number indicated;
  7. Valid NBI Clearance;
  8. Letter of Admission with Regular status from the Program Head of the accepting institution which should include the evaluation sheet and;
  9. Approved Program of Study.
Additional Requirements for Lateral Applicants
  1. Certification from university indicating the following:
    • number of graduate units required in the program
    • number of graduate units earned with corresponding grades
Accomplished application form and other documentary requirements may be submitted through e-mail to the Office of the ASTHRDP Project Leader of the desired NSC member-university on or before the deadline.
  • Hard copies of the same must be sent through mail.
  • Please scan all documents before mailing them.

Where to Secure or File Application

Application Form: ASTHRDP-NSC Application Form

University of the Philippines
  • Project Leader: Dr. Giovanni A. Tapang
  • Project Staff: Ms. Efriel G. Ragasa
  • Office of the Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress, and Advancement (OADMAPA)
  • College of Science, Diliman, Quezon City
  • Telephone: 8981-8500 loc. 3804
  • Email:

Submission Deadlines

Semester Starting in  Deadline
   First Semester AY 2022-2023    July 15, 2022
   Second Semester AY 2022-2023 TBA

Career Incentive Program (CIP)

The Career Incentive Program (CIP) is a short-term scheme to address the administration’s call to strengthen the country’s S&T capability and avert unemployment of graduates of DOST-SEI graduate scholarships and provide them opportunity to work in research activities where they can contribute their knowledge and expertise.

This is open to MS and PhD graduates of the ASTHRDP. Interested scholar-graduates may apply to the CIP and they shall be matched with a DOST agency/research institution where their specialization is needed in research projects/activities.

The CIP Researcher with an MS degree shall assume the position of a Senior Science Research Specialist and one with a PhD degree, Supervising Science Research Specialist with the corresponding compensation to be provided by the Science Education Institute, subject to availability of funds and government accounting and auditing rules.

Further Inquiries

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact us:
  • Telephone: 8981-8500 local 3803-3804
  • Mobile: +63 953 006 6659
  • Email:
College of Science DOST-ASTHRDP Staff:
  • Efriel G. Ragasa
  • Jan Lou B. Betoy
  • Yna Kristina G. Aviera
  • Winlyn A. De Gracia
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Online Scholarship Forms (Google Forms)

Project Leader Approval Google Forms & Associated Documents:

  1. Google Form: Scholar's Reimbursement/ Withheld Stipend/ Thesis Allowance to Release
    1. Document Checklist:
      1. Withheld Stipend request to release
      2. Tuition fees for Thesis-Dissertation Courses or Defense fees during Official Extension checklist
      3. Outright Thesis-Dissertation Grant to Release and Liquidate
        1. 10-Outright-Thesis-Dissertation-Grant-to-Release-and-Liquidate
  2. Google Form: Scholar's Request/Appeal
    1. Document Checklist:
      1. Change - Revision of Program of Study (POS)
      2. Dropping of Subject - Coursework
      3. 1st Extension of Scholarship Request Checklist
      4. Leave of Absence (LOA)
      5. Low General Weighted Average (GWA) / Grade Point Average (GPA)
      6. Shifting Course / Transfer University
      7. SRSF (Dissemination Grant / Mentor's Fee / Research Grant)
      8. Underload - Full Financial Assistance Request
      9. Liquidation Report re-SRSF Dissemination Grant
      10. Transportation Reimbursement Form
  3. Google Form: Enrollment for New Scholars

Forms for DOST-SEI Approval

  1. Google Form: DOST-SEI Appeal/Request/Clearance
    1. Document Checklist:
      1. 2nd Another Extension Request
      2. Scholarship Deferment Form
      3. Scholarship Withdrawal Form
      4. Travel Clearance
  2. Other Documents:
    2. COA Annex A Form per COA Circular No. 2017 - 001

Downloadable Forms

  • Application form for DOST ASTHRDP
Download : PDF File 
  • Recommendation form in support of application form
Download : PDF File Word File
For more inquiries please contact/email us at Office of the Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress and Advancement (OADMAPA)
  • Graduate Office: 09466795326
  • ASTHRDP: 09754569820
  • Telephone Number: 8981-8500 local 3803
  • Email:
    • Graduate Office:
    • Admin Staff:
    • ASTHRDP Staff:
Processes for DOST-ASTHRDP Scholars

DOST-ASTHRDP Application Process

Enrollment Process

Scholarship Request/Approval

Reimbursement, Thesis Allowance, Withheld Stipend

Scholarship Appeal/Request/Clearance