The College is presently located at the University of the Philippines Science Complex and in several buildings and annexes which mostly form part of the former College of Arts and Sciences complex. It occupies a total working space of 16,359 square meters.

As the College's research and instructional programs continue to expand, a 30-hectare area at the southeastern portion of the UP Diliman campus has been reserved for the construction of a UP Science Complex where separate buildings for each institute of the College will be erected. At present, the following buildings have been constructed at the UP Science Complex: Science Library and Administration Building, NIGS Building, MSI Building, Mathematics Building, and the Computational Science Research Center Building. The construction of the NIP Building and the Phase-II of the Mathematics Building is currently underway.

The different Institutes and Departments of the College have some of the best facilities for research and instruction in the Philippines which meet international standards. The College of Science Library also has the country's largest collection of science books and journals, numbering about 53,704 volumes and 1,119 serials.



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